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Affectionately called Tapping!

EFT is often called "tapping" because the central feature of EFT involves tapping with your fingertips on acupressure points on your face and upper body.

During group sessions, such as our tapping circle, attendees can gain relief in many ways through the phenomenon of "Borrowing Benefits".  Most people report a reduction of the emotional charge from their personal issue after tapping on the issues of others.

As we tap, shift happens!

There are deep-seated false beliefs, often unconsciously, operating in our minds that stop us from being all we want to be.

EFT helps to neutralize these habitual negative, limiting thoughts and false beliefs then give us the emotional freedom that can transform our lives.

This creates a shift toward a positive direction of thinking, responding and acting that comes with the wonderful freedom from dealing with negative emotions and reacting in unhelpful ways.


Yes!  Studies show that applying light pressure on acupoints or acupressure can be as effective as acupuncture for removing energy blocks.  These blocks are often the result of stored negative emotions that can restrict or stop energy flowing through neural pathways.

Along with using acupoints to move blocked energy, EFT can combine cognitive and exposure therapy to interrupt negative thought processes in order to clear and reprogram neural pathways.

Speaking of research studies, check out the information on Borrowing Benefits.  The kind of benefits we get when we tap as a group. The National Institutes of Health have many research studies as well. Such as this one: The effect of emotional freedom techniques on stress biochemistry: a randomized controlled trial.

"This study examined the changes in cortisol levels and psychological distress symptoms of 83 nonclinical subjects receiving a single hour long intervention. Subjects were randomly assigned to either an emotional freedom technique (EFT) group, a psychotherapy group receiving a supportive interviews, or a no treatment group. . The EFT group showed statistically significant improvements in anxiety, depression, the overall severity of symptoms, and symptom breadth. The EFT group experienced a significant decrease in cortisol level compared with the decrease observed in the supportive interview subjects and the no treatment groups. The decrease in cortisol levels in the EFT group mirrored the observed improvement in psychological distress."


American Psychological Association

EFT meets the criteria for evidence-based treatments proposed by Division 12 of the American Psychological Association (APA). EFT is currently being used by the United States Veterans Administration for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and is substantially effective in reducing or eliminating stress, emotional pain, and bouts of severe depression. As with all energy healing and alternative medicine, please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of EFT

EFT is not guaranteed to have a 100% success rate and is considered experimental on issues not listed in the APA citing above.  EFT is a not treatment for any disease or diagnosis and is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.  The facilitators one-on-one sessions or those of the tapping circle groups do not have the training and cannot make appropriate medical or mental health care recommendations, you may wish to notify you health provider.  There is no guarantee on an individual's outcome based on many factors