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Your Path In Sight

124 Long Pond Road  Suite 11

Collaborative Partner of  Changing Tides Center for Psychotherapy & Wellness 

Plymouth, MA 02360

[email protected]


     Services Offered:

  • Individual EFT Sessions: $75 per session or $200 for three sessions*
  • Emotional Eating Support: $320 includes $135 Dietitian Assessment Plus 3 EFT Session.                                        Dietitian Assessment may be covered by insurance or medicare
  • EFT for Emotional Eating* Personalized sessions.  $60 for 4 or more sessions designed and determined by you.
  • Reiki Sessions: $65 for  a 45-minute session
  • $35 for long-distance: Reiki
  • EFT + Reiki- 90 Minutes: $130
  • Life Coaching Sessions: $60 for 30 minute weekly sessions or $695 for 3 Months*

  • ELI Energy Index*: $135 for online assessment administration through iPEC and a 1-hour report debriefing*

                           *Sessions can be in person (evening and some weekend hours are available), telephone or Skype/FaceTime.  
                           All life coaching includes unlimited email support

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