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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

"Tapping" Personalized and Facilitated


Per Session 60-75 minutes

Emotional Freedom Techniques Session
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For Three Sessions

Emotional Freedom Techniques 3 Sessions
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Emotional Eating  Personalized, Private Facilitated Program

Four or More Sessions


Per session for 4 or more sessions @ $60 per session

Personalized and Facilitated.  

Number of sessions determined and designed by you

Emotional Eating Package 4 EFT Sessions
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Emotional Eating Personalized, Private Program 

Tapping & Dietitian Assessment


For Three EFT/Tapping Therapy Sessions  @$60 per session. 

Plus a $135 Nutrition Assessment with Dietitian which may be covered by your insurance or medicare

Emotional Eating 3 EFT Sessions + Nutrition
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